Technical Translation

Technical translation is one of the most popular and in-demand translation services. Technical translation may be required not only for the work of specialists and engineers, but also when various specialized equipment is purchased and imported into Russia. Every piece of equipment imported into Russia has to be accompanied by detailed specifications in Russian.

As a rule, strict standards apply to technical translation as this sphere of translation requires accuracy and equivalency of terms. Taking into consideration not only the technical, but also the linguistic aspect, technical translation of highly specialized texts is entrusted only to the translators with relevant technical qualifications who are also highly proficient in the language of the original document and the language the document is being translated into.

When certain terminology has several equivalent variants, we always agree with our clients upon which variant is most suited to their needs. In addition, we compile a glossary free of charge for large projects. We perform equivalent translation of technical texts on various subjects of any size within the time frames agreed upon with the client.

Below you will find a list of most common documents requiring technical translation:

  • Operation manuals;
  • Scientific documentation;
  • Technical literature;
  • Technical specifications;
  • Construction rules and regulations (SNiP);
  • Technological process description;
  • Patents;
  • Advertising materials (catalogues, etc.);
  • Regulatory documents.

Often technical documentation and advertising brochures containing technical information require designing a complicated layout. Drawings and project documentation are executed by technical specialists in AutoCAD and Compass formats. Specialists of Equivalent Translation Agency perform translation of drawings and compose a layout for the drawings in the aforementioned formats or using other types of graphic-editing software. In addition, we can perform DTP (desktop publishing) of your materials using complex layouts.

Specialists of Equivalent Translation Agency are always happy to help you in the performance of technical translation.