Sightseeing Tours

Are you a tourist interested in the history and culture of Siberia and its capital? Are you planning to come to Novosibirsk on business for a few days and know that you will have some free time? Are you going to have a layover in Novosibirsk and are thinking of spending the time between trains or flights in a way that is worthwhile and interesting? Or, perhaps, you have lived in Novosibirsk for many years and think that you know everything about the city, but would like an unconventional way to spend your free time where you can learn something new?

The year 1893 is considered to be the official date of the foundation of the city, when a railway bridge across the Ob River was built as a part of the Trans-Siberian Railway. A favourable geographic location at the crossing of several transportation routes contributed to the rapid development of trade, while the administrative talent of the city administrators of that time helped a simple working settlement to acquire the status of a city in a short time.

After the October Revolution of 1917 and during the Civil War, the city, called Novonikolaevsk at the time, endured hard times and survived complete ruin, poverty and epidemics of terrible diseases. In 1925, after long discussions and arguments, the city was renamed Novosibirsk. Its rapid growth and development continued, and in 1931 the construction of the opera theatre began. To this day, the Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theatre remains the largest theatre building in Russia and one of the symbols of Siberia.

In the times of the Great Patriotic War, the inhabitants of Novosibirsk did everything in their power to help the front. Several large factories and collections from the most famous museums and art galleries were evacuated to Novosibirsk from the European part of Russia.

In the post-war years Novosibirsk experienced rapid development of the industrial sector. In the 1950s, a unique and large scale project was started – the construction of Akademgorodok (Academy Town), whose specialists are employed in all the areas of science. Many of them became famous after taking part in the development of important scientific achievements.

Modern Novosibirsk is one of the largest economic, trade and culture centers in the country. The city is attractive for foreign investors and entrepreneurs, and a vast amount of various exhibitions, fairs, conferences and seminars are proof of that.

There are several places in the city that have a ‘superlative’ status due to their uniqueness. The Novosibirsk State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre is the largest theatre building in Russia, while the Novosibirsk Railway Station is the largest station building in the country. The Novosibirsk metro bridge is the longest metro bridge in the world. The Novosibirsk Zoo has been included in the list of wonders of Russia and is rightfully regarded as one of the most comfortable and beautiful zoos in the country.

We invite you and your guests on a sightseeing tour around Novosibirsk and the surrounding countryside. You can either choose from one of the standard tours or tell us about your preferences and we will be happy to prepare an individually tailored tour for you.

Novosibirsk Tours

1. A sightseeing tour around the city will take you around the main sights. It can include visits to the Local History Museum, Siberian Birch Museum, and the Nicholas Roerich Museum. You will see the most significant sights of the Siberian capital, such as The Novosibirsk State Academic Opera and Ballet House, the Chapel of Nicholas the Enlightener and Wonderworker, the biggest railway station in Russia and the railway bridge across the Ob River, thanks to which the city of Novosibirsk came into existence.

The exhibits of the Local History Museum will tell you about interesting facts from the history of Siberia, including the discovery of a perfectly preserved mammoth skeleton. The exhibits of the unique Siberian Birch Museum feature various articles made from birch, including paintings, jewelry, and housewares. In the Nicholas Roerich Museum, which was built with money donated by admirers of the great thinker and artist, you will see philosophical, scientific and art works of the Roerich family. Paintings by Nicholas and Svyatoslav Roerich, family photographs, maps with the routes of their expeditions and many other articles are exhibited at the museum.

2. Sightseeing tour around the city + Akademgorodok. The tour can include a visit to an outdoor Railway Museum and/or the Museum of Archeology and Ethnography of the peoples of Siberia. You will see the most significant sights of the Siberian capital, such as The Novosibirsk State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre, the Chapel of Nicholas the Enlightener and Wonderworker, the biggest in Russia railway station and the railway bridge across the Ob River, thanks to which the city of Novosibirsk came into existence.

You will visit Akademgorodok (Novosibirsk scientific centre of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences), whose territory is host to dozens of scientific research institutes. This environmentally pristine district is located 30 km away from the city.

The Railway Museum is located in the open air at the entrance of the scientific centre. The visitors will see a unique collection of trains which were operating on the Russian and foreign railroads in different periods of time. Exhibits also include a collection of Soviet automobiles.

The visit to the Museum of Archeology and Ethnography of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences) makes a lasting impression on the visitors, for it is here that you can see a perfectly preserved mummy of the so called Altay princess.

3. Walking tour of the centre of Novosibirsk ‘Historical Novosibirsk’. While walking down the streets of the old part of the city, you will see buildings which were built at the end of the 19th—beginning of the 20th centuries. You will be instantly transported into the past and will forget that you are in the centre if a huge modern metropolis. A cup of coffee in a cosy coffee shop on one of the oldest streets of the city will grant you a new way of looking at Novosibirsk.

4. A tour of Kolyvan town (bus, car). Kolyvan today is a regional centre, located 40 km to the north of Novosibirsk. Before Novosibirsk came along, Kolyvan had been a large and important merchant city and at some point it was under consideration as one of the possible sites for a railway across the Ob. Due to nature-related reasons, construction of a bridge was found to be unfeasible and the city soon lost its positions and many of its inhabitants moved to Novosibirsk, called Novonikolayevsk at the time. However, there are still a number of wooden and stone architectural and historical landmarks along with a convent and a church remaining in the town, testifying to its past glory. In the summer, a visit to Kolyvan can include a picnic on the banks of the Chauss River.

Any combinations of the tours above are possible. You can also visit the Novosibirsk Zoo, cathedrals, the mosque, or museums of the city.

Aside from sightseeing tours of the city, we can organize a trip to interesting places in the Novosibirsk region, such as Rocks on the Berd, the bold peaks of Bugotak, and abandoned Iskitim marble quarry.

Prices for the tours are set individually in each specific case, depending on your preferences and the number of tourists. Tours are conducted on buses, minibuses, cars, public transport, and on foot. Call us or write to us and we will prepare a tour for you. Tours are guided in Russian and several European languages (English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, etc.).