Notarization of Translations

If you need to provide certified translation of documents to some institution or to legalize a document, the documents can either be certified with a translation agency’s seal or certified by a notary.

Equivalent Translation Agency provides services of translation and legalization of personal and business documents. At your request we can certify the translated documents with our seal or have a notary certify the translation.

If you need the document to be valid abroad, we can provide apostilling services. Some documents only require certification with the agency’s seal. In this case, the original of a document (or its copy) is bound with the translation and a stamp, date, signature of the translator or other responsible person, and a seal of the agency with a certifying endorsement are placed on the reverse side of the translation.

Any written translation, performed by our specialists can be certified with the seal of Equivalent Translation Agency. The fee for this service is included in the price of the certified translation, which depends on the language, type of a document, time frame of completion and starts at 300 rubles per document.

There are special requirements for certain documents set by the legislation of the Russian Federation. Translation of these documents requires notarization and the translator’s signature must be authenticated.

Translation of the following documents has to be notarized:

  • Power of attorney;
  • Charter documents;
  • Certificates;
  • Balance sheets;
  • Personal documents.

Specialists of our company possess all the necessary knowledge and expertly perform notarization while following all the relevant requirements.

Translation with certification by a notary or notarial translation of documents is performed in the following way: a notarized copy of a document or its original is bound to the translation. Our translator places their signature on the last page of the translation in the presence of a notary, who authenticates the signature. Notaries can only authenticate signatures of certified specialists with a degree in linguistics who had their qualifications confirmed and whose names have been entered into a special register. Our translation agency employs specialists who conform to all the above requirements.

The price of authentication of the translator’s signature is 400 rubles per document (regardless of the number of pages). Organizing certification of a set of documents is 200 rubles. If a copy of the original document needs to be certified, the notary fee is 100 rubles per copy.

In order for documents issued on the territory of one country to be valid and recognized by relevant authorities in other countries, they have to be legalized. This can be done in one of the two ways: legalization by the consulate or obtaining an Apostille.

The countries who are members of the Hague Convention enjoy a simplified procedure for legalization of documents: competent authorities in Russia affix a special seal (Apostille) which does not require any further certification or legalization and is recognized by official bodies of all the member countries.

Our agency provides apostilling services. The fee for this service is 1000 per set of documents. There is also a state fee of 1500 rubles per document. The procedure takes 7 to 10 days.