Legal Translation

Legal translation from or into a foreign language is one of the specialties of our agency in the sphere of written translations. We translate charter documents and articles of association, audit documents and bank statements, annual reports and declarations, contracts and agreements, licenses and judicial documents, sample signatures and seal cards, letters of advice and many other types of documents.

Professionals traditionally consider translation of legal texts to be one of the most difficult types of translation.

The difficulty of translation arises from several factors:

1. Legal terminology and language are very specific due to the complicated and complex legal wording and clichés. The sentences and clauses are lengthy and archaic.
2. In order to perform equivalent translation, a translator must possess adequate knowledge. In many cases, a law degree or extensive knowledge of the law is required.
3. The price for mistakes is high, thus a greater degree of responsibility rests with the translator.
4. Legal translation is a complex service, because translation is usually accompanied by legal services such as notarization of translation or legalization (Apostille). These services are provided by notaries and lawyers rather than translators. The actions of the former are beyond the control of the translation agency, however, the translation agency is responsible for the result.

Legal translation is one of the spheres of intercultural communication. Therefore, a specialist performing international legal translation of documents and contracts has to take into account certain cultural, political, economical, social, psychological and other distinctive characteristics of a country whose language the document is being translated into, since legal standards apply to all these spheres of social activities. In addition, the knowledge of dialectic nuances of a particular foreign language is extremely important for a translator.

Equivalent Translation Agency respects all the fine points of legal translation and does everything in its power to make sure your documents are translated accurately and on time.