Interpreting Services

Interpreting services are usually required at negotiations (in person or on the phone), conferences, seminars and presentations, and for accompanying business partners. Interpreting may either be consecutive or simultaneous, depending on the occasion.

Consecutive interpreting is a kind of interpreting which is performed during pauses in the presenter’s speech. It is usually used in the course of business or telephone conversations, at press conferences, presentations, installation and adjustment of various pieces of equipment where a foreign specialist is present, etc. Consecutive interpreting does not require any special equipment, which makes the events more mobile as they are less dependent on venues with interpreting facilities.

Simultaneous interpreting is a kind of interpreting which is performed at the same time as the presenter is speaking. Simultaneous interpreting requires special equipment which includes a stationary or portable booth with interpreting equipment, as well as headphones or portable receivers in the amount equal to the number of participants who require translation. Simultaneous interpreting is usually used for events with a large number of participants as it allows a significant amount of time to be saved.

Equivalent Translation Agency provides consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services for a range of events. There are two options for interpreting telephone negotiations. In the first option, the interpreter and the parties of the conversation take part in a teleconference, and the interpreter performs consecutive interpreting. Another option is for the interpreter is to speak directly to your foreign partners, in which case the interpreter asks all the necessary questions and relays the answers to you.

The interpreters working in our agency have taken part in the GeoSiberia and SibCeramics exhibitions at the Siberian Fair, have interpreted telephone negotiations for various companies, and have taken part in presentations with an audience of up to 200 people. Our interpreters will be happy to help you during your business meetings and negotiations, at exhibitions and conferences, and with meeting important foreign guests.