Technical Translation

Technical translation is one of the most popular and in-demand translation services. Technical translation may be required not only for the work of specialists and engineers, but also when various specialized equipment is purchased and imported into Russia. Every piece of equipment imported into Russia has to be accompanied by detailed specifications in Russian.

Interpreting Services

Interpreting services are usually required at negotiations (in person or on the phone), conferences, seminars and presentations, and for accompanying business partners. Interpreting may either be consecutive or simultaneous, depending on the occasion.

Notarization of Translations

If you need to provide certified translation of documents to some institution or to legalize a document, the documents can either be certified with a translation agency’s seal or certified by a notary.

Translation Services

Written translation includes translation of various printed documentation, such as contracts, user manuals, certificates, presentations, tender documentation, medical certificates and many others.

Financial Translation

Financial translation is of the most difficult and demanding spheres of translation. Nonetheless, it is currently in great demand because a large number of companies are entering the international market. As a result, they sign cooperation agreements with various foreign companies, while a great deal of mergers and acquisitions are taking place on a global scale.

Legal Translation

Legal translation from or into a foreign language is one of the specialties of our agency in the sphere of written translations. We translate charter documents and articles of association, audit documents and bank statements, annual reports and declarations, contracts and agreements, licenses and judicial documents, sample signatures and seal cards, letters of advice and many other types of documents.

Sightseeing Tours

Are you a tourist interested in the history and culture of Siberia and its capital? Are you planning to come to Novosibirsk on business for a few days and know that you will have some free time? Are you going to have a layover in Novosibirsk and are thinking of spending the time between trains or flights in a way that is worthwhile and interesting? Or, perhaps, you have lived in Novosibirsk for many years and think that you know everything about the city, but would like an unconventional way to spend your free time where you can learn something new?