Equivalent Translation Agency

If you ask an experienced translator what kind of translation is the most difficult, you might be surprised by the answer you get. You might think it to be legal, technical or financial translation when, in fact, the most difficult thing to translate is informal communication, and especially jokes. This sort of translation requires not only a mastery of words, but also knowledge of culture and the ability to evoke the required reaction.

The translation which evokes the required reaction during reading is called an equivalent translation. Our translation agency is called Equivalent to reflect our goal which we try to attain in our every project: to find an equivalent for your ideas.

Equivalent Translation Agency provides translation and interpreting services in a range of languages, as well as the services of a guide interpreter.

We provide translations for the following languages:

  • English;
  • German;
  • French;
  • Spanish;
  • Italian;
  • Chinese;
  • Czech;
  • Polish;
  • Ukrainian and many others.

If you have not found a language you need in the list above, please contact a manager of our translation company who will advise you on the options for your project and select the required translating and/or interpreting services. We also certify documents with the agency seal and provide document notarization services.

Our company provides consecutive interpreting services: for business meetings and negotiations, telephone conversations; representing your company at exhibitions and conferences, meeting and escorting foreign visitors. In addition, we can organize a tour around the city with a guide interpreter.

In everything we do we follow a simple and clear rule – we do not accept compromises in quality. A translation has to be equivalent and the quality of our work must be high.

We guarantee:

  • An individual approach to every project (of any size and level of difficulty);
  • Professional translation and interpreting services;
  • Optimal time frames;
  • Competitive prices.

With the help of Equivalent Translation Agency even difficult projects will become feasible. After all, mutual understanding is our specialty.

We will be happy to answer your questions and calculate the cost of your project free of charge at the time convenient for you. Please call +7 (383) 255-1479. You can fill in a request form at our website.